Elegant Glitter flower floral nail art design

Hi dolls

Did I ever tell you that I hate occasions where you have to tone down make up and nails???
I wanted something really flashy for my nails,but then this lame lame lame occasion popped up and I have to do something more plane-jane. -_- Yes.
Of course I could just paint my nails with one color and be safe and classy.....But that wouldn't be fun.So I decided to do some simple glitter flowers on a purple-blue-gray background and screw the attempt to look normal.
It's always so uncomfortable to be normal,because pretending is not my favorite thing to do.

Later I will also show you the make up I have planned for tomorrow's lame occasion :D



  1. Lovely colors, that purple grey color is killer!

    Yeah, I hate pretending too .. been there, done that .. :-/

  2. It's very beautiful! Love the glitter flowers!


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