Quick neutral dramatic daytime look w/demi-lashes

Hi dolls

I'm doing neutrals....again!
Since Natalie send me the Elf 100 palette,I have discovered neutrals for myself.Before I always tried rusty browns or neutrals with a too warm undertone,which doesn't  work that well.
Today's look is a simple 3 colored look with white,a light beige and black.To make the look more dramatic I tightlined the eyes with gel eyeliner,which was set with black eyeshadow.The lower and upper lash line-eyeliner is a gel eyeliner,that has been smudged.
For the last kick of drama some mascara and demi-lashes.
The demi-lashes are actually a old pair of spike lashes cut in half.Their lash band was a little too stiff for my taste,so I transformed them.



  1. i was just gonna ask if you put on falsies~~~but it looks nice~~`i like it, but you way more natural lashes than i dream of~~~so lucky~~~~i luv how you wing-out your liner btw~~~


  2. I adore your eye looks.. <3 xx

  3. That looks amazing! You got wonderful eyes! <3

  4. oh it looks stunning!!!!!Your eyes are unreal!!! and I love your eyebrow color, too. wow! <333

  5. Great look! Love the simple neutral look on you!

  6. Thank you dollies <3
    You are the best!!
    Now I wanna hug you all

  7. Neutrals with warm undertones look horrible on me! Luckily the e.l.f. palette has some cool toned ones. Lovely eye look, the lashes are pretty!!


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