Muffin top Chinchilla Challenge

Hi dolls!

Another week of my 'get back in shape and loose that muffin top' challenge went by and this week I'm really proud.Although we ordered souvlakia three times,because the workers were there,I was a good girl.
Instead of gobbling down a whole souvlaki wrapped in pita bred,stuffed with meat ,tzatziki and fries,I went for a kalamaki (chicken/pork on a skewer)
In terms of exercise it was a great week,because renovating a house is quite a physical task.But I also went for a lot of walks and ran all my errands by foot.

There weren't any sit-ups though,because there were always people around and they shouldn't have to look on a sweaty,gasping Goth.

Because today we have some weird holiday,I couldn't go to the pharmacy to weight myself,but my pants are telling me that I have lost some mass.

And also I have found a great way to satisfy my midnight cravings: Caramel flavored Green tea and chocolate flavored black tea.

It was a good week!


  1. Great week for you:)

  2. Yes indeed it was a great week!Thanks for stopping by hun

  3. Good work doll! Keep it up!


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