Simple black smokey eye (Or the D in Darkness)

Hi dolls,

This make up is a statement,because we will have a very religious handy man coming to our house,who doesn't miss an opportunity to bust our nerves with his religious preaching.
I respect all religions,no question,but I also expect that religious people respect my non existing faith in god.
The last time he was here,he clearly overdid it.
So I am making a dark statement today:
-Leather skirt: Check
-Studded belt and spiked collar: Check
-Black eye make up : Check
-Black Sabbath T-shirt: Check
-Atheist Mindset : Check

I think I am ready!

I hope I won't have to listen to :" There is no room for people like you in paradise"-Nonsense



  1. I gave you a blog award! :)
    Check it out here: http://girlysbeauty.blogspot.com/2011/06/butterfly-award.html

  2. First of all, forgive me for not commenting very often, exams are driving me crazy! The look is gorgeous, I love the 3-wing eyeliner! haha, I imagine the scene with the very religious man and you in total Goth look! lol!

  3. The winged eyeliner is perfect!!! I can only imagine the face of the handy man when you opened the door!!! lol x

  4. You owe me the rest of this story, Chinzilla. x3


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