New lovely Lovie Palette

Hi dolls

Who can say no to a palette on sale? 99 cent for 5 eyeshadows that's all I have to say.It was on sale because of a ripped sticker on the back of the palette.

You can never have enough frosty white/gray/black shadows!
Plus the palette has a brownish gray that is quite unique and I don't have any color like that in my collection.

This was a true bargain that satisfied me!

The next day I wanted to purchase the lime green palette but then I realized that I have about 20 shades of lime green.So I spend the 99 cent on cat treats.

What kind of bargain satisfies you the most?

Much Love and Huggies for you all <3



  1. Love colors and 99 cents? No way you should have passed up a great deal like that.

  2. Anonymous21:27

    omg ich will sie auch :D wirt müssen bal dmla unsere tausch-aktion machen!

  3. Pretty colours!
    I also love it when I come across a beauty bargain that turns out to be great quality as well :)

  4. @Sunny: I feel really satisfied :)
    @Retro: Ich schreib dir gleich mal
    @Morrigan: Thanks dollie <3

  5. Mine is better! lol! Very pretty colours <3

  6. Haha nat :) Crazy girl <3


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