Crazy Abstract Swirls Nail Art Design

Hello Dolls!

I needed a fancy nail art QUICKLY and it had to be totally unique..
In my lizard nail design I used 2 thick layers of white with green on top to create that three dimensional effect.
The background is pearl white with a blue fade effect and blue/silver glitter.
The essence better than gel nails top sealer is really great for drying multiple layers of polish very quickly.I applied one coat after each step and my nails were try to the touch 20 minutes later.
And another 10 minutes later they were completely dry.

Hope you like it dolls!

I'm treating myself with a mini bottle of champagne,because today I just felt like sipping (cheap) champagne from a fancy glass and listen to Lacrimas Profundere.

Good night dolls <3
Have a great day tomorrow



  1. this is sooo kool~~~awesome nail of the day~~~i like how the colour compliment each other~~~


  2. Great color scheme! Any tips on how to do the blue-white gradient? Looks like it would be difficult!!

    Sophistique Noir - Dark, Elegant Fashion

  3. Interesting, the colors and the swirls are still mysterious -- even though they aren't black or grey! Wow, totally forgot about Lacrimas Profundere .. I really like their old stuff.

  4. Reallly cool design! Loves it! I just listed you in a blog award post! :) Check it out!

  5. You have such creativity! I would never be able create this on my own. And it is always nice to have a treat for yourself!

  6. Thank you for your feedback lovely dolls
    *Hugs u all*

  7. Craaazy! I love it! :D Multible coats for 3D? wow! Guess what, I got 2 bottles Essence better than gel nails top sealer! yay! Now, I want to compare it with the nail art top coat(white bottle) because I think they are very close.

  8. love it, great design :-D

  9. Thanks for the link to the fade effect. Such a cool idea!! I'm going to try it next time I do my nails.


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