Kitchen herb growth progress and a report

Hi dolls

Here in Greece with all the political problems and the fucked up economy ,the electric power supplier decided to strike and just shut down electricity for a few hours.
So the last few days we had no power for about then hours.(they shut down the power for 1-5 hours).
It's annoying,but it's their right to strike.
BUT if you live in an old house like we do,all the cables are not that forgiving.
So last night just a little bit before bed time ,once again we had no electricity.First we thought that it is another strike,but then our fuse box started to spark and make weird sounds.
We closed the power supply and waited,but then we noticed the wall around the fuse box was warm.
As you can imagine,we were scared,but we decided to turn on the power again after a short time,because the things in the fridge would spoil.
When we turned on the power nothing happened.Pfffff

So we called a friend who is an electrician to fix everything.He came and thankfully the damage wasn't bad.A cable just overheated and started to spark.Because of the strikes and the numerous blackouts our cables were fucked up.
Everything got fixed and then the power still didn't come back.
Thankfully he knew what was going on.A fuse in the main fuse box that is sealed by the electric supplier company,had blown.
We had to break the seal.....Don't know if we will get punished for that.

Anyway.I threw away 80 Euro of food from the fridge and freezer and I am furious!

Last but not least: My kitchen herbs.They are growing really great and I am sooo happy.If you look closely you can see that the dill also came out now.
My biggest worry is the chives,which I seeded in another pot.It's been more than 10 days and nothing much happened except 2 tiny green sprouts.


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  1. well eventhough we never had a hydro company strike yet...but weve had black out in the city where the city is out of power...i think its was a few years back, and it was very very very hot, and it lasted days~~~~i rmber me and my parents stay in the basement because it was the only place in the house that was cool...and ya throwing away food like that its heart wretching~~~~

    my mom love to grow veggies and what~~~she actally made strawberry jam usingthe strawberry we grew~~~its soo much better than the one we bought in stores~~~



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