Farmasi Foundation brush Review

Brush is still damp,so the bristles look quite weird.

Hi dolls!

Due to a major boredom to wash a bunch of brushes every day,I bought a second set of basic brushes and of course I needed a foundation brush.
I had the choice between two foundation brushes : Farmasi and Mac
No way that I would pay this much money for a back up brush,so I went with the Farmasi brush because it costs 8,95 Euro.

Packaging : The Farmasi Brush comes in a transparent plastic case which went right to the trash bin.

The product : The brush has a relatively thick wooden handle,a metal head and black synthetic bristles.

My 2 cents: I am really liking the brush,because it does a great job and it has black bristles.I hate when a foundation brush has white bristles that look yucky after every use.
It could be a bit more dense,but it doesn't leave heavy streak marks,when you do criss-cross motions.

-Nice solid handle
-Black bristles
-doesn't absorb a lot of product which would be wasted
-works for all types of cream and liquid foundations.
-dries quickly after washing
-no yucky 'new brush plastic' scent.

-Could be a tiny bit more dense
-the plastic packaging looked kinda raggedy

It's a great brush,but certainly not a holy grail product.I would definitely repurchase it.


  1. Yeah, I'd get that one too compared to the MAC ones. MAC brushes cost a small fortune in Europe, I can hear my wallet crying when I think about it.

  2. Yes,that's why it's always so noisy at the mac counter.Crying wallets :)


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