10 songs that I like at the moment:

1.A song that makes me dance : Straftanz
2.A song that brings my inner Elvis out :

3.A song that helps with anger management :

4.A song to relax :

5.A song for unloved chores:

6.A song to piss of the neighbors :

7.A non-dark Song :

8.A road trip song :

9.A song that makes my eyes water:

10.A song I can't get out of my head :


  1. I now know lots of new songs! Thanks for sharing!

  2. thanks for the material. you seriously are a useful blogger to me. lol

  3. ein teil der lieder kann man hier nicht abrufen....die gema!!!!
    a song to piss on the neighbour....egal welche musik, aber volle kanne laut stellen...lach!


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