DIY pressed eyeshadow [Part one]

Hi dolls

I had accumulated quite a stash of pigment samples from a ebay purchase.The samples were average colors,so I used them 2 times and then they went into my sample box.Today I wanted to mix a few new colors and press them.The lovely Peach actually inspired me to get some pressing done.
It was really a lot of fun to make all the different colors.I don't have any colors like that in my collection
Here you can learn how to press powdered products.

The shadows will have to dry until tomorrow,then I can show you the swatches too !
Too bad I didn't have a lot of alcohol left,otherwise I would have done a dupe to the guerlain meteorites,which even out the complexion by the rules of color theory.That's on my to do list for tomorrow then !

Anyway :)
Here are the colors:

The purple-ish one and the blue-ish teal ones are actually duos.The sunlight just made the blue one look like a mono.The brown one has a golden swirl. Once they are dry,the actual color will show.

Can't wait to swatch them tomorrow :)

Good night dolls!


  1. I've been mixing my own colors using loose powder shadows, but this is a GREAT idea, especially for portability. I didn't know you could make pressed powders at home like that. Awesome!!

  2. Can't wait to see how these turn out! The brown with gold looks awesome!

  3. I like the swirly I bet they will all be very cool.

  4. Lovely! Pressed shadows are easier to carry around and work with and making new colors is even more perfect!


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