10 things

1.This day has to go by fast.It's 20:30 now and with an Episode of Unter Uns (German soap opera I watch since the beginning of the show),Alarm fuer Cobra 11 (The best police-action series ever.Screw CSI!!!!!) and a Masterchef USA episode.Then it will be over finally !

2.At the supermarket there was this weird Ice Tea Stand from a big ice tea company.They have this diet ice tea for weightloss and they offered me a bottle.Pineapple flavor.
First I was pleased by a strong green tea note,but once it is in your mouth for more than 5 seconds,this pineapple-detergent-cheap-perfume-monster takes your taste-buds as hostages.I wanted to empty that plastic cup in this promoters face.And given the fact that I made funny faces,while eew eeeeeew eeeeeeeeeeew-ing, the lady had the bollocks to ask:"Did you like it??"   Yeah I liked it for 5 seconds......%##%$#

3.Blogger fixed the picture upload problem very quickly.That's so great!

4.I found this great polishing liquid for our floor.It did the most amazing job ever,but then the floor turned into that super slippery ice skating ring.I hope nobody will get hurt.Have to find a way to make it less slippery asap.

5.A pet shop in Athens had the bunnies outside in the full midday sun and 2 meters away from a high traffic road.
The poor babies.When I went inside to talk to the owner,he tried to tell me,that they actually like it.
Yeah sure.But at least he put them inside.

6.Sometimes I wonder why people ignore instructions or the manual.

7.Going to make some apricot jam tomorrow

8.I just noticed that I forgot dinner once again.Well at least I have a huge bottle of grapefruit juice with water.

9. The essence stand was totally empty today.I wanted to repurchase the multi action mascara,but it wasn't in stock.Bummer,because the lovie waterproof is out of stock tooooooo *noooooo*

10.Last but not least : Greece is going through a difficult time.Hope we make it !


  1. ~~~i dont understand number 5 either....but maybe the animal like it??? and i wonder about number 6 too, if there is a manual just read it, b4 you ask any stupid question, because it is frustrating

    Hope you have a nice day

  2. Have a nice day too huney!


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