Lizard nail design for Halloween


Today's nail art is going to be something flashy and a little bit over the top.
First you start off by choosing a background color.I used a pastel green.Apply it all over the nail.

Next,you have to choose a color for the stripes.It can be anything you like.Then you can select 2 different glitter polishes and apply a coat of each.The glitters of my choice were fine golden glitter with random colored chunky glitter and a fuchsia and pink glitter polish.Let those coats dry for an hour.
Now you can start with the lizard.I drew it first with black polish and then I layered green polish on top to create that 3 dimensional effect.

With a nail art pen I gave those lizards a pair of eyes each,because they certainly want to see that halloween party you are going to.The rhinestones are totally optional,but I thought it would be cute for this special occasion

Tomorrow I will do a Halloween Make up tutorial.If you have any wishes,let me know in the comments below :D

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  1. Hi! Love the detail... how long did it take??

  2. It took me about an hour plus some drying time.
    Thx for commenting

  3. Wow! Amazing and very pretty :)
    Did you manage to do this on both hands?

  4. Thx <3
    Yes I always do both hands.Usually I write or draw something with the 'weak' hand before I start with the nails.

  5. That´s an interesting hint :o)

  6. Yes it really works hun <3
    Thanks for stopping by


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