Tip of the day: Sunburn relief

It's summer now and the sun in some regions of the world is really dangerous especially around the midday hours.So you can get a sunburn really quick.
Always make sure to seek medical help if your sunburn appears along with blisters or extreme pain.
First cool your sunburn down with water(a little below body temp,you shouldn't feel cold)
Mix plain yogurt with a few drops of vinegar an optional Vitamin E oil,lavender oil or a tiny dash of baking soda.
Simple yogurt +vinegar works just fine,the other ingredients are just a way of speeding up the healing process and hydration/relief.Apply on the burned area in a thick layer
Remove in the shower once the yogurt becomes tacky.


  1. SPF 50 will always be your best friend. I highly recommend Aloe Vera - love that stuff, I have a huge bottle of it - but I will have to try this recipe sometime. Having anemic skin that pretty much has the opportunity to cook under the sun, you never know!

  2. hello dear....thanks fro sharing this usefull tip....I need a small favor from I cannot find your e-mail can you send me an e-mail at so I can contact you? I' be waiting!!!!

  3. Nice tip! I use organic aloe vera+tea tree gel, I'll do a review soon! But yogurt works wonders too!

  4. Aloe vera is great.Sadly my aloe plant died :S
    Thank you for the tips ladies


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