Black Bird Nail Art Design

Hi dolls

Black Birds are one of my favorite birds,because through out my childhood I saw them everyday in our Garden being funny and singing their characteristic song.
So when I dreamed about a black bird last night I couldn't get them out of my mind.Dedicating a nail art to them is the least I could do to remember those cute fellows.
No,and I don't just like them because they are black >_>  They are comedians !

Since the stupid picture upload is doing weird things again,click on the thumbnail to enlarge

What animal should I do next????



  1. do a penguin! i like penguins :p

  2. so cute! i love it!! :)

  3. Very cute! Love all the detail in your nail art! Hmmm.... I'm not sure what you should do next? I'm not very creative!

  4. this is so cute!!!I think your sense of humour is well translated on your nails...I envy your patience...these drawings are hard to get !

  5. @Thehouseofy: I have done Penguins before But thank you for your suggestion

    Thank you dollies <3333


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