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Hi dolls,

I needed a few more brushes because I am too lazy to clean a full set of brushes every day.So I just bought some cheaper alternatives:
-Farmasi Foundation brush (Yay finally a black foundation brush)
-Studio basics angled crease brush (this turned out sooo great)
-Studio basics pencil/blending brush in 2 sizes
-Studio basics tiny eyeshadow brush
-Studio basics fluffy blending brush (For blending,contouring)

The farmasi brush was a bit pricey : 8,95 Euro,but a black foundation brush won't look as bad after 2-3 years.White foundation brushes may look rancid.

Haven't tried them yet.Let me know if you want a review dollies


The picture upload is doing weird things again,so I had to embed the pictures with a link


  1. es ist unglaublich wie viele pinselchen sich ansammeln und davon hat vieelleicht ein drittel qualität. ich glaube ich muss mal ein pinseltäschchen nähen ;-)

  2. they look good! what brand are the others that you use? =) I use MAC, Sigma, ELF, KORRES and Cosmopolitan

  3. @Tinny: ja ist schon schlimm.Man kann sich selbst ne tolle pinseltasche naehen.Die nennen sich brushroll.
    @Argyro: I use mac,sigma and elf too :) Haven't tried Korres brushes yet.How do you like them?

  4. From Korres I have a powder brush for 3-4 years now. It feels a bit harsh but the application is pretty good! =)

  5. Where did you get the Studio basics ones? Were they expensive? They look good quality!


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