My current wishlist

1.Gosh extreme art liner in 07 black,05 light green,08 light blue.
2.Essence my skin products
3.Too faced shadow insurance candlelight
4.Narciso Rodriguez Essence <3 (This will be on my wishlist forever)
5.Korres Wild Rose Moisturizer
6.Korres Jasmine Body Butter
7.NFU-Oh Holo Polishes and Flakies

That's basically it

What's on your current wishlist? Do you own any of those products?

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  1. Did you draw that chicken yourself? o_o

  2. Yes with the epic microsoft paint :D

  3. Anonymous23:54

    The Korres concealer I used to have, it's quite decent actually.
    Nars Laguna is on my wishlist, but it's gonna stay there. No money, no honey!
    I also want to try the Maybelline Color Sensational lipsticks, and I'll do a review on it if I do.
    Huggies to you too :)

  4. I want to try Essence my skin products too! I've read that these Nfu-oh polishes are a little hard to apply, you may want to add their special base too.
    So, when is your birthday? :D


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