10 things

1.Discovered a new green tea with a great oriental flavor....I will post a little tea-view-review .

2.Got more stuff for the give away I am planning :D

3.Why do pets like to walk over their owner's face,while Mrs.Owner is taking a power nap?

4.Be careful when you shake a woman's hand with crazy long,pointy stiletto nails. Ouch! Her nail artist should be a weapon dealer.

5.Chocolate abstinence has officially driven me mad.....In the supermarket I was sooo sad and I felt the little M&M's calling my name.*Sigh* (Nope,not on a's health related)

6.I demand shaker balls in every nail polish!!!

7.Have you ever seen a person that reminds you of an animal? I really had to control myself not to laugh,but that woman looked like a eared seal.....with a wig

8.Why in the world is the top twitter 'who to follow' suggestion always Charly Sheen? Whyyy? I tried to pretend he does not exist all that time.Thanks for reminding me twitter,really thanks!

9.Took a real bubble bath with the apivita bath and shower gel.It was really niceeeeee,I also added some soy milk to the water.

10.Highlight of the day: Finding out that your childhood star re-made a very beloved song with one of your current favorite artists.

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  1. 2. yay! I can't wait! :D
    3. hahaha, a sweet fluffy thingy demands your attention!
    6. Me too!!
    7. lol!!


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