Microwave baked potatoes experiment

Hi dolls

Usually I am very skeptic when it comes to microwave cooking,because most of the things I tried weren't that great.A few days ago I had a skype call with the lovely Kitty Rose Lovet and she was making microwave potatoes during that call.And since she is a potato lover like I am,I had to try that too.
Google had the instructions.
You need:
1 large or 2 medium sized potatoes
(your favorite topping)

Scrub the potatoes well under hot water,poke some holes (5-10) in the potatoes with a fork,so the potato's steam can escape.
Place the potatoes in a deep dish with a little bit of water at the bottom (6-10 tablespoons) and insert into your microwave.
Cook on high setting for 5 minutes,then turn the potatoes over and cook for another 5 min.Insert a knife to check if the potato core is done.If not,add 2 min of cooking time.Slit the potato open,add a teaspoon of margarine and season with pepper and salt.
You can serve the potato with sour cream,cheddar and bacon or with some soft cheese spread,herbs and garlic.

I will definitely make this recipe again,because 40 minutes of oven baking time versus 10 minutes of microwaving is a clear victory for the microwave.



  1. Yum-o! My latest attempt on cooking potatoes was: boiling them, cut them in half and brown the cut side on a skillet with butter. Or ideally, on the barbeque... Om nom nom!


  2. Anonymous22:42

    hmmm lecker! ich kannte bisher nur die eingeschweissten, aber die sind ja vorgekocht. und du packst die wirklich roh da rein???

  3. Yes the lamp is from IKEA! Well we are Swedish you know, kind of everything we own are from IKEA. XD

  4. haha microwave oven is a life saver! i've been making simple potatoes (i just wash them, cut with a nice 2-3 holes in each-2 medium ones- and just let them for 9-10 min) Then i add some olive oil, oregano and salt. yummy and simple
    I'll try this recipe :D:D

    (and don't be scared by what it's said about microwaves and the radiation, just when it's working make sure you are not close to it , but after when you take the food out, the radiation is gone totally)

  5. I've done this before. Successfully, I might add. :-D


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