10 things

1.Lesson of the day: Never wear free hotel slippers while hosing down the chairs on the balcony..........Ouch!
2.Highlight of the day: The essence better than gel nails top coat.OMG !
3.Bummer of the day : No end of days,No doomsday,No Apocalypse........I made cookies just to be prepared for the end of days,but once again [Fail] [Uberfail] ----> They were wrong. Pffff !  (Just kidding)
4.Laugh of the day : Tourists ! A poor group of tourists trying to cross a large high traffic Greek road....First they look for a pedestrians crossing light and walk about a half mile until they realize there is none.
5.Inspiration of the day : Jamie Oliver's food revolution.
6.DIY saying of the day : " Anger is a great excuse to clean the windows"
7.Rant of the day: People who invite themselves for dinner should all go to hell (Mc Donalds =Hell)
8.Awww of the day : Random Kitty Peeking through the window with beautiful eyes <3
9.Song of the day: Viva la fete - Noir desir 
10.Quote of the day: C'est en faisant n'importe quoi qu'on devient n'importe qui (It's by doing whatever that one becomes whoever) -Remi Gaillard-


  1. I love these 10 things posts xD keep them coming hun :):):)

  2. I like no. 4, it reminds me of Cairo. ;)
    It took me a few days, but now I manage to cross the streets like any Egyptian can do :o)

  3. Thank you dyna
    Binara,yes Cairo is almost the same,maybe even worse.

  4. haha, I love 10 things posts! :D


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