Veggie Burger

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How are you all doing?

Do you know the feeling of craving for a juicy,unhealthy burger?Today my cravings were beyond crazy and unbearable,but when the only meat in your fridge/freezer is a slice of ham,there is nothing much you can do.
Can you?
Yes of course! Veggie burger!You can choose from tons of fresh or frozen vegetables,leftovers or even canned corn.
For my  cabbage,broccoli,carrot,bell pepper,celery,okra potato-veggie burger patties  I used:
1/4 small cabbage head
1 carrot
1/4 bell pepper
10 okras (frozen)
a hand full of broccoli (frozen)
1 small celery stick
instant potato mash powder/flakes
1 egg
salt pepper,paprika,oregano,chili powder
breadcrumbs or crushed cornflakes
oil to fry

Defrost the frozen veggies by putting them out of the freezer 3 hours prior to the preparation or defrost in the microwave.Coarsely chop all the vegetables and put them in the blender to blend them until finely chopped.
Add the egg and spices,be generous with the paprika.
Now keep adding instant potato mash powder until you get a shape-able consistency that is not too hard and not too soft.
Brush with water and sprinkle with breadcrumbs.To make the breadcrumbs stick better,lightly pad them in.
Fry from both sides in a non stick pan with about 3-4 tablespoons of oil.

Serve on a burger bun.
My buns are cheap briochettes from the supermarket,they look so busted *LOL*



  1. Yummy and perfect for people who won't eat meat these days!

  2. Yeap.Eating vegetarian food once in a while is great.

  3. Yummy. I never made veggie burger patties myself, always use the powder you can buy.

  4. I remember the powder stuff,but when you make them yourself you have more control on how the taste will come out.Thanks for stopping by


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