My quickest dramatic eye make up ever (LOL)

Hi dolls

Today was a very busy and stressful day,so there was no time at all for make up.And I needed dramatic make up....
I used my farmasi foundation stick and spread the product with a damp sponge,then I applied gel eyeliner on upper and lower waterline,set it with black eyeshadow and also lined the upper lashline.For the 'drama' I quickly smudged black eyeshadow over the liners and blended it.Mascara-and done!The lid looks a bit patchy due to the rather hectic brush movement,but that's okay :)
Here is the result of a 3 minute dramatic look


  1. Not bad at all! I wish I can do something like this in 3 minutes. Good job :)

  2. Looks amazing for only taking three minutes!

  3. Looks perfect for your pretty eyes, I'm jealous! :D

  4. Thnks for stopping by ladies <3


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