Tip of the day : cheap colored eyeshadow base

Carnival is greasepaint time! We all know about colored eyeshadow bases in form of jumbo eye-pencils and shadesticks.
But it can be quite expensive if you want a great variety of colors.
I just purchased a vampire face paint kit for 1,90 Euro.It includes a large pan of white face paint,black face paint,4 paint sticks (green,red,pink,blue) and a sponge.
With an eyeshadow primer it works like a charm.Thinly apply the grease paint with a finger and use your favorite eyeshadow or pigment on top.
I like the fact that I have a huge amount of white facepaint,because white is my favorite eyeshadow base color.

I will definitely get more colors and more white face paint.
Because the brilliant white face paint also can be mixed with foundation....

Note: I don't think this tip works for oily skin,maybe with a really good primer.

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  1. yay! I'm thinking about doing a Venice mask thing on my face but I had no idea what to use so the eyeshadow would be vivid! thanks for the tip!


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