10 things

1.I am done with being a crybaby! The stuff that happened to our house is bad,but we are still alive and the animals are doing fine.And this is all that matters.
2.Determined to put on some make up today and maybe do an eye of the day.
3.The only one that is super happy with the situation is the chinchilla.He has a whole bathroom for himself now and he is literally bouncing off the walls.
4.Maybe today or tomorrow a spot in an animal pension/hotel will be free for Kira.I will miss her like hell,but it's better for her,because right now she is not having a good time.It will be for a month maximum and I will visit her as often as I can.
5.I really understood the value of living in your own home.I still wake up at night thinking everything was just a dream,but then I realize that I am not in my own bed.Well I brought my pillow and my tea so I have a little piece of home with me.
6.Living in the city really is depressing.....where are the trees?the mountains?the sea?  Just concrete houses
7.I cooked yesterday in a foreign kitchen,but it turned out okay.So everything is cool.
8.Yesterday I ate a lot of chocolate and realized that chocolate is a great way to console yourself.
9.Thank god for my partners family.They helped us out big times by offering us to stay.


  1. Och, ich hoffe dass das mit eurem Haus bald abgeklährt und repariert ist und du blad schon wieder in deinem Zuhause die Schokolade und den Tee geniessen kannst.

    lg Claudia

  2. *Hug* I understand how you feels like since about 2 years ago I'm homeless for over a month. Crashing at my friends place sleeping on the floor until two weeks later a friend invite me to stay at her place and share her room. At that time I miss having a place to call my own.

    It's great to know the animals are all okay. I pray the best for you and your family. XOXOXO

  3. Glad you are doing well despite all you have been through. Hopefully things will start getting put back together in your life, real soon! And I'm glad to hear you and your animals are all safe!

  4. i think things can only get better now :-D


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