Thank you Ioanna

Hi dolls,

It may sound superficial,but cosmetics can be a great way of consolation.
A few weeks ago I had a chat with one of my sweet readers,and we came up with the idea of doing a product swap.
Ioanna is such a sweet girl,because she send me tons of things.
First there is the amazing elf 100 eyeshadow palette,which completely blew my sorrows away,then she send me the amazing Oriflame hand and nail cream,oriflame skincare/lipstick samples,rhinestones,glitter a nail drying spray and oriflame perfume samples.
<3 <3

Everything is soooooooooo beautiful and I don't know why,but I keep hugging the palette.........going awwww.

My dear Ioanna,thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!
You really turned a bad day into a day full of glitter and sparkles <3

I couldn't carry all the stuff outside to take a picture,because I had no pockets and I was afraid the things are gonna fall down.

So here are the pictures of the EPIC product swap <3

Thank you so much Ioanna!!!!!!!

I already played with the palette and the pigmentation is amazing,and the true red eyeshadow is beyond awesome!


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  1. I'm so happy you liked them!! I'm really happy I contacted you and very very thankful for the goodies you sent me! I also did a blog post, actually my first one(I was so happy I had to share it!), so it's not perfect and the pictures are bad but it's here
    Please excuse any mistakes, I'm a newbie. :)


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