Massive Magazine Bargain+Gift Haul

Hi dolls
How are yall doing?

This is one of the larger hauls,which is a rare thing,because I don't believe in spending so much of my money for cosmetics.
But I am always good for a nice bargain,especially when it comes to magazine Bargains.
Let's start with the magazine haul: 2 magazines (6,90 Euro together)

-Apivita creamy face & eye foam cleanser: This is my favorite piece,because it is kind of a repurchase.(re-bargain *lul*) I already did a review here
-Apivita Bath and shower gel with almond and lavender :It smells heavenly and I tried it in the shower,skin was happy!
-Remy Latour L'elue : A really nice casual,floral eau de Parfum
-Thierry Mugler womanity : WOW,I was curious to smell this after watching the review by Katie Puckrik
It is unusual,interesting and it's not offensive.
-Lancaster 365 Cellular Elixir intense : Not gonna use that,but hey it was for free in the magazine.

And now let's move on to the gifts I received the last few days.

-Avene Eau Thermale: *LOL* My mother in law thought this was a deodorant and she was like: This is going to the garbage.Its a nice kick of moisture and it is soothing indeed.
-Eubos Hand Repair& Care: A really great hand cream,very rich and helpful after a hard day of mold killing,carrying wood and furniture
-Bepanthol cream for irritated and sensitive skin: Like the eubos cream this soothed my arms on which I had a rash from the friggin chemicals I used to kill the mold with.
-Pelli Giovani Cera di Cupra: It is actually a toner without alcohol,but I use it to set make up.With calendula exract,grapefruit water and lemon water.Very refreshing and it sets make up in such a great way.I simply poured it into a mist bottle.
-La Roche Posay Anthelios XL 50+ :I obviously have pale skin and I live in a very sunny country,so I need to protect my skin.Especially for the face I always use a moisturizer with spf and in the summer I layer an extra cream with a super high spf.Never used La Roche Posay products,but the melt in cream absorbs very quickly and it doesn't flash back in photos.

That's the haul.....
Now some 'news' from the project:"Extreme Home fixing-Goth edition"

We spend all day at the house yesterday to fight mold,save the marble floor,re-build a dog-house,fixing furniture.
I am so sore,but happy and relieved.

We had planned to fight the mold with natural 'weapons' like vinegar.But since the weather  was not helping the mold,so we had to use chemical stuff,but thank god it was worth it.

Now we shall all do a anti-rain dance,because we need dryyyyyyyy weather for the roof to get renewed.

Huggies and have a great start in the week!
Is there any other Greek magazine bargain I should know about?


  1. Auta ths apivita ta eida x8es h prox8es kai meta apo entonh diafwnia me ton eauto mou de ta phra...Alla!Eida mia krema ths mastic spa mazi me ena allo periodiko (de 8umamai kan poio- 8a sou pw aurio) to opoio k 8a parw, ka8ws einai fantastikh!Filiaaa! :)

  2. Mastic spaaa!wwwww! 8a to paro sigoura,giati einai poly kala proionta.
    Afta ths apivita aksizoun,giati kanoun douleia,eidika to cleansing foam.

  3. i'm glad you'll be in your own house soon :-D


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