10 Goth in the city things

Since I am now living in the big city until the house is fixed I wanted to share my impressions.

1.Sidewalks and trees: There is no way I can have a relaxing stroll on the sidewalk,because of some stupid trees that aren't big enough yet to be able to walk under them without ducking.The other scenario is,that the tree's roots lift the concrete tiles and as a clumsy person,you might fall.

2.Narrow sidewalks combined with stupid people: When I am in a hurry and walk fast there is always this one person that stops and talks on the phone.Gaaah  if the sidewalk is really narrow you can't just pass by,you gotta tap the person on the shoulder and ask.If you are lucky,they will scoot.If you catch a bad person you get yelled at.

3.Elevators : Weird looks,scared people,stinky people,elbows,too much cell phone action.

4.Motorcycles : In Athens it seems like the motor cycle riders carry out a weird tournament.They are even on the frigging sidewalk.Even if the pedestrians light is green,you are in danger.

5.Heroin addicts: In a very well known Greek fast food establishment I saw a junkie helping himself with his fingers from the salad bar.*Juck* They also ask for cigarettes or change a lot.

6.HOooooonk: Jesus all mighty! I get scared really easy and Athens should be called Honk-City.Everywhere people communicate in their cars by honking. If honking doesn't do they job they get out of their cars and yell at each other,regardless if they are causing a traffic jam

7.Having to look out for thieves.Dressing very Goth is a big plus here,thieves don't wanna go through a bunch of pins,buttons,velvet pouches and chains to get to a wallet.

8.Being tempted by smells: Chocolate factories,bakeries,brasserie smells.I really have to control myself when I walk by the Max Perry Handmade Chocolate factory.But only the smell is very satisfying.

9.Traffic lights: At every traffic light there is at least one dude who wants to clean your windshield with persistence.There are also dudes who sell flowers,tissues,bananas,mobile phone gadgets and other stuff that nobody needs.But! There was one guy who was singing while selling tissues and it was a really nice bollywood-ish song,I bought tissues from him.

10.Human waste: I am sick of seeing trash cans buried under mountains of trash,tree clippings and old furniture.

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