Apivita Creamy face &eye foam cleaner and tonic lotion for normal/dry skin review

Hi Beauties

A while ago I found those two Apivita Products in a Magazine and I had to try them,because I looove foamy cleansers,especially when they are suitable for the eye area.Let's start the review with the face& eye cleaner.

Packaging: Since this product is a sample size,it comes in a little brown plastic bottle with a black screw lid.There is no dispenser to it.The cleanser contains 75 ml/ 2.55 fl.oz and you can use it for 12 months.

The product:I like the fact that the cleanser has a rich creamy texture and a very natural scent.It is mineral oil,SLES-SLS,Propylene Glycol free and the water is replaced with organic green tea infusion.The cleanser's formula is a No-Tear formula which is a huge plus for people with sensitive eyes.And it is 93% Natural

My 2 cents:
First I used this product after removing my make up,just to remove the mascara residue that builds up on the base of the lashes sometimes.And it cleansed really well.
One late night I was sooo tired and bored to remove my make up,so I took a microfiber cloth,hot water and the cleanser and I was amazed! All my waterproof eyeliner,mascara,concealer came off really really easy,without rubbing.
And my face felt really clean,without feeling dehydrated or dry.I love the fact that there is olive oil,green tea and lavender in the product,because especially olive oil and green tea are a big part of my daily beauty routine.

-Removes waterproof make up
-doesn't burn in the eyes
-pleasant smell
-plenty of foam
-great ingredients


I am really really thinking about buying a full sized cleanser,because this product enables me to skip 2 steps of make up removal and this means I can crawl into my bed 5 minutes earlier.
The cleansing ability of this stuff is amazing.I love everything about it.

Now let's review the toner with honey and orange!

Packaging: The same as the cleanser
The Product:The tonic lotion is also free of all the 'bad stuff' as mentioned in the cleanser description and it is a clear liquid with a very 'clean' smell.
I think I kind of smell chamomile and orange peel.And it is 97% natural

My 2 cents:
I was never lucky to find a toner,that suits my needs.So I kept using DIY toners with green tea,apple cider vinegar or rose water.
So after cleansing my face,I used the toner and it felt a bit too harsh the first time I used it.
But I think I went a bit over the top with the rubbing.
The next night I used more product and less rubbing which was a very good decision.
My pores absorbed the product and my face felt clean,re-energized,soft and firm.

Now I use the toner only in the morning and it helps to reduce the puffiness and it gives me a clean canvas to apply moisturizer,primer and foundation.

-Great Ingredients
-Cleansing ability
-great morning routine product

-Can be harsh on the skin,when used in rubbing motions

It's  a good product,but I prefer my DIY toner,because it serves my needs.
I will finish the bottle though,because it is a really nice toner



  1. You're tempting me to go and get these...
    And I might do just that.
    I can see a pharmacy haul coming tomorrow!!
    Thanks for reviewing!
    Polla filia!

  2. They are really worth it!Especially the cleanser is amazing.

  3. The cleanser sounds good:)


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