Athens haul with this and that and a magazine bargain

Hi dolls

I had to go boot shopping because my poor old boots had holes and fell apart.I found a nice pair for 15 Euro and I am happy with them.While waiting for the shops to open at 5 o'clock I went to the Dollar store (Euro store) and purchased a pair of false lashes for 0,50 cent and a nail polish for 0.50 cent.
My chapped lips odyssey is over and I purchased a new tinted lip butter from Korres.The design changed a bit,but it's still the same great lip butter.And the color is sooo nice.

While shopping for a cooking magazine,I found a great electric facial brush for a little amount of money as a gift in the Greek health/fitness magazine prevention.It's great!



  1. na hoffentlich halten die wimpern!!!

  2. 50 cent only O_O I wish I had low-priced shops like that O__O

  3. I love the color of the polish. (I think I see something purple with glitter, so I love it)
    In which euro shop do they have this brand?I've looked in the aiolou shop and they didn't have it (they only had some silly polishes) :(
    Woohoo on the new buys!

  4. Nice haul! Can you tell me if this electric face brush is waterproof? I mean, can you use it with face wash? Because a cheap I've seen in Jumbo is not.

  5. Thanks for answering! I suppose it means you can't use it in the shower but it's ok to wet the brush(top) itself. Nice, I think I'll get it :)

  6. @Tiney: Ich schmeiss die ja eh nach 4-5 mal Tragen weg,weil auch die teureren Wimpern dann komisch aussehen.
    @Hari:Yeah this shop rules,the only thing I will miss when I am back home.
    @Ria it's blue-ish,with red purple shimmer and tiny blue glitter
    @Natalie: <3


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