The dry chapped lips odyssey

Hi dolls,

Extremely chapped,dry and swollen lips are one of my least favorite seasonal  boo boos.The last 8 days my lips looked like I made out with a hedgehog after kissing the entire route 66 asphalt.
During the first day I used a Korres Chapstick,which worked for like 3 minutes and then the lips would be burning again.I spend about 7 Euro on a medical lipbalm,which relieved the burning sensation and nourished the lips,but once the product was wearing off my lips would feel tingly and sore.

Okay,screw the lip-product industry,back to mother nature....

Honey,Olive oil,shea butter,cocoa butter,chamomile,essential oils........
Only chamomile tea and olive oil paired worked fairly well.Honey just made it worst.....
The next morning was the worst day of the whole chapped cracked lips journey.

While shopping for groceries I passed by the baby care section......oils,shampoos and baby buttock cream.
Then the light bulb above my head lid!Eureka!
Back in the day when I was in Austria for a snowboard vacation I used baby buttock cream.
So I took a sample sized jar with me.
At home I applied a thick coat and within the first ten minutes the burning finally stopped.

3 times a day for 3 days and my lips started to look more normal day by day.Today they feel normal too.

So baby buttock cream for the win!

Huggies + soft lips


  1. Anonymous21:38

    boah ich kenn das. meine lippen sind zur zeit auch total schlimm, irgendwie will nicht mal mehr mein blistex balsam helfen, was sonst immer wunder gewirkt hat :( was ist denn dass genau für ne babycreme? meinste ich bekomm die hier auch?

  2. What a great idea! If it soothes diaper rash, it probably works well on chapped lips! I never thought of this. Thanks for the tip!

  3. It really saved my lips
    Thanks for stopping by ladies


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