Korres Lip Butter Stick review


You got(h)a have this wonderful lip butter stick!

Korres is a Greek cosmetics brand that has wonderful natural products that can be found at Sephora or the Korres shop ( ).
The Lip butter is instantly hydrating and has a SPF 15,it comes in different colors and even colorless with no SPF.

So I had super chapped lips and I went to the pharmacy.
The friendly pharmacist told me to go for Korres.
Korres it is!

I chose the color mandarin which is a nude pink.The lip butter stick has a nice tint of peach color and a little tiny bit of shimmer,so don't expect a lot of color on your lips.I did not try the darker colors though.

The smell is quite pleasant because it is not too strong.It kind of smells like Shea Butter.

The packaging is quite cute.A pink and white container with nice and sharp letters.
It says :"Lip butter with sun protection that instantly hydrates and softens the lips.Shea Butter and Sunflower wax deeply nourish and offer long-lasting care,while Mandarin oil conditions dry lips.Ideal for chapped lips.

Korres Lip Butter Stick is :
Mineral Oil Free
Silicone Free
Propylene Glycol Free
Ethanolamine Free

Now a few facts about Korres products (source :   )
Animal testing
Tests are not carried out on animals.
Suitable for vegans
The products does not contain raw materials of animal origin nor products of animal production e.g. milk, honey, bees royal jelly,  bee wax etc.
Suitable for vegetariansThe products does not contain raw materials of animal origin but it does contain products of animal production e.g. milk, honey, bees royal jelly,  bee wax etc. The product of animal production are accompanied by certificates regarding their quality and how they have been obtained with a cruelty free process.

Now the real review!
Like I said I had really chapped lips and I applied the lip butter.It immediately soothed my burning lips and it really moisturized them.The product lasts quite long and it doesn't get sticky after one hour of wearing it.
I applied it three times a day and after 24 hours my lips were back to normal.
Since that day I apply it 2 times a day to keep my lips soft and kissable :)

If you wear it under lipstick you might want to apply it 5-10 minutes before applying the lipstick.Otherwise your lipstick will not stick to your lips as well.
The fact I love most is,that you can also use it on flaky skin before applying your foundation.
The skin around my nose is really dry and it tends to flake.We all know that there is nothing worse than flaky looks baaad,especially when wearing Goth-white foundation.

Result :

I am more than happy with this Lip butter.It is natural,has a light feeling,moisturizes the lips in an awesome way and most importantly it doesn't become sticky after a few hours.The lip butter stick will last you quite a while,if you use it 2-3 times a day.So it is a good value for the money.

I will buy another one of these soon.I might try the purple colored one.

<3 it


Disclaimer : I am not affiliated with the company Korres.I bought the product because I had chapped lips.
The review is for entertainment purposes because I liked the product very much

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