How 5 minutes can change everything

Hi dolls,

Where should I begin?
5 minutes of  hail (cherry size) destroyed our roof and the rain went everywhere in the house.So now I am saving the things that stayed dry and try to minimize the damage.
And until the weather gets better,we will have to stay with family so the roof can be fixed.
Cookingchinchillas will continue in a few days.
My nail stuff and some of the make up is safe,so everything is cool.



  1. Oh darling!! Hold on! :))

  2. I wish you the best :( Hopefully your roof with get fixed soon, why is always the nicest people who get the worst luck?

  3. omg i'm so sorry to heard that, i hope in the end everything is going to be ok :-)

  4. I hope everything turns out ok!

  5. im so sorry to hear that we all know what five minutes can do we was five minutes away from the house when we wrecked makes you value your time better hope everythings ok at least your not hurt take care of your self wish you well

  6. The weather is crazy, I know! And it's so cold! So sorry to hear that doll! I wish you the best! Warm huggs!

  7. Thank you ladies,that really means a lot to me

  8. OMG so sorry, I totally missed this hun :(

    I really feel bad for what happened to you but you're a strong strong woman I'm sure you'll get through this xxxxx all the best sweety xxx

    lots of love
    Dyna xxxxxxxx


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