Essence Quick Shine Nail Care Lotion Review

Hi dolls,

Over the last week I have been testing the quick shine lotion from essence.The product has such a great concept and the applicator is really smart.

Packaging: The product comes n a silver squeezable plastic tube with a screw lid.The container is semi-transparent,so you can see how much product is left.Inside the applicator is a wonderful brush that you can find on lipglosses or concealers.Not a doe foot,but a real brush.0.26 fl.oz/7,8 ml and you can use it up to 12 months.

The Product:The lotion is a clear liquid with a kind of alcoholic smell,which later turns into a subtle creamy scent,that is very pleasant
"Shiny harmonious nails within seconds!The shiny nail lotion strengthens and nourishes your nails."(Source:tube)

My 2 cents: I bought the lotion,because the store was out of nail oil and I needed something to moisturize my cuticles on the go.
When you apply the lotion on bare nails it gives the nails a beautiful natural shine and a great deal of moisture.The product can also be layered once one layer has dried up completely.
Applied on the cuticles the lotion gets absorbed very quickly leaving the cuticles looking healthy and moisturized.
One of the things I like is that the lotion kind of seals the cuticles,so after washing your hands the cuticles are not that dry.
The product is perfect for every purse,because it is so convenient when on the go.Nail oil can be a bit more messy (and oily).
But whoever is sensitive to alcohol,should skip this product,because the main ingredient is alcohol.
Compared to my beloved nail oil the lotion doesn't do as much of a good job,because with the oil I really noticed a boost in the growth.

-Gets absorbed quickly
-smart applicator
-good moisturizing qualities
-great for on the go

-Main ingredient alcohol
-Compared to nail oil less nourishing

I probably would not re-purchase because the lotion is not nourishing enough for my taste.But it's great for the purse.....

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