Black and White Goth Make up and some bla bla

Hi dolls,

Today's make up was sooo inappropriate,because we were building Kira a dog house,which turned out more like a dog mansion.....
But anyway,this morning I was listening to Sopor Aeternus again and this beautiful music and the lyrics totally inspired me.
The look is a black and white transition (gradient) blended with a splash of color.
I was wearing normal make up the last few days.
The thought of applying bronzer passed my mind,but thankfully it went away pretty quick.
Blush AND bronzer on a pale goth face looks kind of wrong.I guess watching too much youtube-make up-guru-stuff can mess with your mind.It also could be the fact that I didn't have a cup of tea this morning.
*Sigh* Bronzer......

Kiras mansion turned out really big,but it is beautiful and she loves it.
The only thing missing is the front part.Our plan was to cut out the door with a saw that we thought we had.Well it turned out that our saw is a pretty small and weak ,so somebody else will have to cut the front door.

What was your most inappropriate make up?
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  1. Love love love this look!!! :D Hmm inappropriate makeup for me would be too many colors mixed together

  2. but you're too good! =D

  3. Very pretty! I can imagine blush and bronzer would be too much for a goth look! And isn't it funny how we spoil out pets?!

  4. @Ellone : Thank you my dear! Too much color is no good,you are right.
    @La Fe : Thanks you hun
    @Peach:Thx,well pets gotta be spoiled,because without them life would be stupid.

  5. Oh my, I saw the flower pic some posts earlier and I thought these colour would make such a beautiful eye look and here it is! Lovely! Well, today I'm wearing 4 colours from my new essence palette(from pocket beauty) although I'm home all day studing!

  6. Eeeeek,the essence palette is soooo amazing! (I have 4 back ups....)
    Thank you so so much for stopping by my dear!


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