10 things

1.It is raining cats and dogs outside.Having to take the dog for a walk is not fun.Thank god there are only a few of those uber rainy days here in Greece.
2.But sitting down with a nice cup of oriental green tea after coming home soaking wet and cold is great.(anise,cinnamon,cardamom,vanilla and honey infused)
3.I don't like being hyperactive,but the last few days I am hyperactive all day and once I sit down on the sofa I fall asleep within 2 minutes.
4.Limited edition overload: Every cosmetic company seems to have new limited editions out all the time.I kinda lost track,but to be honest I don't wanna keep track.If I am lucky and there is a nice limited edition in front of me in the store,I'll check it out.But chasing them???Nope not anymore
5.No more smarties candy for me.In one week I ate three bags of those tiny chocolate lentils.Why do I keep getting addicted to candies of this kind?? First it was M&M's,then it was the minty chocolate lentils?Maybe it's the artificial colors that appeal to me...
6.Feeling the urge to read a book.....
7.Greek make up companies don't care for their customer at all.2 of 4 didn't even bother to answer my mail and the other two just send a pre-written-standard answer.
8.The news that essence will change their product range are great.I love frequent product rotation.
9.Thankfully the weather will be better on Saturday
10.Movies that have a great beginning but a baaad ending should be forbidden.


  1. Hey sweeite! I remember you asked me a super long time ago if I could recommend the Coastal Scents 88 Palette for it's greens, maybe this would work for you? :)

    Tea on a rainy day is SUPREME! :D

  2. danke für dein feedback zu meinen tierheim berichten!
    Liebe Grüße!

  3. @Widdlesh Thanks hun for the link!
    @Spring Ich habe zu danken :D Die Berichte waren echt toll

  4. Oh, I don't like too much limited edition items too, especially like one in MAC, they keep repromoting stuff which annoys me. Industries love to create sense of urgency with their customer. I'm not that crazy with limited edition stuffs.

    You build Kira a mansion? oh my, what a lucky puppy. :)

  5. Always enjoying your 10 things posts :) 4.Sure, this is a "selling more policy", if you know it won't be there tomorrow you won't hesitate to buy it today. 7 is so true. And company ladies in the stores are usually snob. 8.Me too!

  6. Thanks for stopping by Nat!


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