Crucified diamonds are a Goth's best friend

Hi dollies

Sorry for the lack of posts this weekend,but my internet was not working properly.
On Friday a courier service delivered a box to my door.I wasn't expecting anything,so I was quite excited to open the package.
It was from a dear friend who thought I might need some gothification.
There was the beautiful black cross with rhinestones and tons of tights and lingerie.
I am obviously not going to show the tights or lingerie,because that is too private.

So here is the beautiful cross

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  1. Aw I love when friends surprise you! It looks really cool :D xxx

  2. this cross is like something i would like:)

  3. @Skelly: Surprises are such a great thing1
    Thanks for stopping by
    @DeyiMizu: Thanks for the visit


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