Nail Haul + OPI DS Coronation dupe

Hi dolls,

After deciding to grow my nails again,I had to go and get some things to boost the growth and nourish the nails.
I purchased the essence nail oil,the essence nail care pencil,and a holographic glitter polish.
There were just the two nail care products in my basket and while waiting in the endless line,the Beauty Line Cosmetics polish started whispering:" Hey you,over here! I am a dupe for a OPI polish that you always wanted........Please,don't let me end up with a random old lady"
For 1,50 Euro I couldn't say no to this dupe.
Don't get me wrong,I love OPI and their quality,but I always regret spending so much money on a nail polish.

My first impressions of all the products are great.I am using the nail oil and the pen for about 4 days now and my cuticles already improved and don't get dry anymore.

Yay for great dupes!

Huggies + holographic glitter

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