10 things of today

1.Woke up with tomato cravings.And no I am not pregnant,I just have weird cravings once in a while

2.There is an empty house in our neighborhood,which has been empty since we moved here.Last night I saw lights and I was ready to believe in paranormal happenings.This morning I passed by and saw that the house was vandalized by some brainless youngsters.........

3.Greek men seem to love to hit on random women passing by in a very rude and vulgar way.The last dude yelling something really vulgar in front of his friends will regret shouting this phrase for a looong time.He didn't think that I would actually turn around and walk up to him.A very tall Goth with scary Make up versus a rather tiny,pathetic man.......I told him that he and his friends should go back to the smurf village they came from and hit on smurfettes,because his tiny blue trouser sausage wouldn't satisfy a normal woman.
I know it's not the nicest thing to say,but compared to his little ghetto vulgar phrase,this was nothing.
They maybe even broke the world record of the longest WTF-expression.

4.Why do I keep on putting random things (Batteries,lip stick,mobile phones etc) in the fridge?

5.It is so nice to have male friends,who tell you that they won't pass gas after eating lentils,just because you are a girl.What am I supposed to answer to this? "Hey dude,it's okay,pass your gas freely" or "Thanks but I can't look at you trying your hardest not to fart without loling " After thinking about possible answers,another friend comes in and almost kills us all with his gas saying :" Uh oh that was a hot one" Men...........But better than backstabbing female friends:D

6.Did you ever start laughing about a thought in public?? Everybody staring,thinking that you need some sort of medicine??? No?Well,welcome to my world.I really had to lol

7.Imagine this situation: You see a perfectly beautiful woman,who went totally over the top with contouring.The result are two dark brownish-purpleish-taupe-ish blocks under her cheekbones.Then my partner looked at her :"Omg this must have hurt really bad" Me:"What do you mean?????"  He :"Looooook,are you blind???She must have landed on her face" Me : " HUH?"  He:" The bruises on her cheeks"
Me:" Errrr those are not bruises,this is called contouring"  He: "Ah ok,special effects make up?"
No comment!

8.I love to drink apple juice for babies,because the normal apple juice always makes me nauseous.

9.It's so cool to wake up in a crappy mood and then look at the cuteness of cats and chinchillas greeting you.My mood changed from crappy to cuteness overload in 3 seconds.

10.Having a word stuck in your head,knowing that you are supposed to know the translation of is baaad.Since last night it was haunting me: Cantodea Cantodea.First thing in the morning I googled it.
Latin word for female singer.


  1. lol

    that's exactly why i never do contouring.. !!!!

    xx !!!!!!!

  2. Haha,well she really dipped the brush too many times.


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