Top 10 products of 2010

1. Les Cometiques Night cream
why: It really does a good job moisturizing and stopping time.

2.Essence liquid eyeliner waterproof
why: It is perfect for eyeliner art

3.Gosh Velvet Touch Foundation primer
why: I couldn't imagine my life without it

4.Korres Mango Butter Lipstick
why: The perfect every day lip stick with a really nice,smooth finish

5.Essence Anti Spot Moisturizer
why: Because this product combines so many wonderful features

6.Marc Jacobs Daisy
why: The smell is heaven!

7.Beauty Line Cosmetics Ultra High Shine lip gloss
why: this gloss lasts long,has a really high shine

8.Beauty Line Cosmetics Compact Blush
why: It is the perfect blush for everyday and for special occasions

9.Lovie Eyeshadow duo
why: The colors are stunning,blend easily

10.Essence Pocket Beauty Palette
why: Shimmers and matts combined in one stunning palette with unique colors


  1. Looks like you have a great list of favorites! I was thinking the essence liquid eyeliner was going to be on your list!

  2. They all look amazing! Some of them I already have and love and some of them are in my wishlist! Which shade/number is the korres lipstick?

  3. It is 45 coral!
    Thanks for stopping by dear!

  4. I am in loooovee with the Essence liquid eyeliner! It has staying power. You know what they say great minds think alike :)

    Mrs Lavelle

  5. The liquid liner is amazing.Thanks for stopping by dear <3


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