Fade effect flame nail art design

Hi dolls

Sooooooo I really didn't know what I am going to wear on my nails and while watching LA Ink the idea for a flame nail art design was born.
The background is a  bubble gum pink and some baby pink squiggly random lines.
To draw the outline of the flame,I used yellow acrylic paint.Also the inside of the flame is done with acrylics.Those paints really make fade effect and transitioning colors easy to do.
The hard part was the outline of the flame.Thank god,you can erase little acrylic boo boo's with a q-tip and water.
In the photo I just wear a thin coat of top coat,because high shine doesn't photograph well in artificial light.

This mani will serve till the 31st!That day there will be glitter and rhinestones baby!



  1. Ohhh this is fun. It looks like something a biker-chic would wear! (don't take it the wrong way, I like it;))
    Love the patience you have with nails... I couldnt do as much!

  2. wow!
    die vielen versch. farben gefallen mir total gut!:)

  3. Morticia: Haha,well I love Biker chicks!They are awesome.Thxxxxx
    Spring: Dankeschoen!


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