Yellow Mango Nectarine Vanilla Passionfruit jam (vegan)

Hi dollies

I really have gotten into making my own jams and marmalades,because the jams in the store are just boring and have quite a flat flavor.
About a week ago I saw yellow mangoes at the store for quite a great price,but I didn't really know what to expect from a yellow mango.
They are waaaaay more succulent,fruity and tropical.Going through the fruit section I found a great variety of nectarines,which would be a great fit for the mango.Sadly I didn't find any passion fruit,so I just took a box of passion fruit juice.

The jam tastes fabulous,especially with cream cheese it has the flavor of Solero ice cream.*YuM*
You need:

5-6 screw lid glass jars : Clean them with well with hot water!
1,2 kilo Mango flesh (peel and dice the mango,then weight the flesh)
1 kilo Nectarines (don't peel,just dice and remove pit)
500 ml passion fruit juice
50 ml lemon juice
1 tablespoon of vanilla essence
2 kilos of sugar
a tiny dash of salt

In a very large pot mix all the ingredients and bring to a boil.Once foam starts to build up,remove it with a spoon.Take a potato masher or a balloon whisk to mash up the fruit pieces.
Simmer on medium low until the consistency gets thicker,then boil on medium high heat until the jam has fully thickened.If the jam won't thicken,add 2 tablespoons of corn starch mixed with 3 tablespoons passion fruit juice and boil for 1 min while stirring.
Set aside!
Quickly rinse your jars with hot water and fill the jam inside and leave about 1 cm of room.
Close the jars and turn upside down for 10 min,then you can let them cool and store for 6 weeks.
I prefer to store them in the fridge,just to be sure they won't spoil due to the hot weather.

I am really happy with the result and I will never go back to store bought jam or jelly.



  1. This sounds yummie, I <3 mango! :)

  2. I love mango so I'm sure the jam is super tasty!


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