Red Wrath ( 7 deadly sins)

Hi Dolls,

Here is the second look of the 7 deadly sins gone Goth look.
Because my other eye has a boo boo,I just wore it on the left eye,but of course I didn't go out like that.
The red is a water active color,set with some red eyeshadow,but it turned out difficult to blend.
Well,we learn from mistakes.

Sorry I loves,I am in a little hurry so I keep this post short :D

Love & Chocolate


  1. God I love this!!!! I think that if you did a shoot depending on how the lighting is the unblended part would look amazing! Great job!

  2. Love this color combination! Very cool shadow design! Your eyes look so pretty!

  3. Thank you ladies,that really means much <3 <3
    Have a great day!!!

  4. Thanks for your comment is the first in my blog! and god! I love your makeup one day I'll try :)


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