Quick Nail Design Session

Hi dolls

I am in a dilemma.A lady wanted me to do a hippie pattern for her nails,that does not include flowers.
So I have been trying out different things.The best result till now is this:

It's not done very accurate,but hey it is just a part of the brainstorming process.What else could I do ??Any ideas??

After doing about 10 different designs,I was sick of pink and purple.So I did a little christmas thing XD

That X-mas nail design managed to get me into christmas mood.(Which I hate to admit,because the past years I didn't like  christmas and all the hype.)
Anyway,we agreed to put up some lights and maybe decorate a traditional Greek x-mas ship.(Yes a ship and not a tree)

I am gonna do that now actually!

Huggies and Ho Ho Ho


  1. I have no clue what a hippie pattern without flowers would be. The only thing I could think of would be tie-dye!

    Love the Christmas nail design! Glad you are getting in the Christmas spirit this year. And you must post pictures if you do decorate a Christmas ship!

  2. Hi Peachy!
    Tie die mhhhhh great idea! Thanks for that.
    Yes,I will post pics of the christmas ship.



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