10 things

1.I finally tried the WhiteLight Tooth Whitening System.After the first use I could see a dramatic change.And no sensitive teeth or gums.Yay! Let's see how the next 4 sessions will turn out.
2.Sometimes a suit can do miracles!(Even if it's just rented ;)
3.Pizza-Fan makes the most yummy cross cut baked potatoes ever.Shame on me I ate a hot dog,bruschetta and a whole portion of potatoes,but walking 5 kilometers kind of makes it less bad.
4.Yay Nasa.I knew the whole hype was for nothing.Sorry no aliens.............
5.Animals are the best thing that could happen to mankind.They are sometimes smarter than us,we gotta face that.
6.Sometimes there is nothing better than a bed,a blanket,a pillow,a pen and a paper! Crazy bedtime confessions from a cooking chinchilla....
7.Blackcurrant juice on a keyboard.My keyboard still works fine after getting most of the juice out of it,but the space key sometimes gets stuck.Yay for epic clumsiness
8.As much as I would have loved long nails for christmas time,I cut them very short,so all the crazy christmas cooking will be easier.
9.Finally figured out what to do for 'edible x-mas presents': A gourmet,chocolate take on the German Lebkuchenhaus
10.The oh so bad coffee shop close to my house started selling nice smoothies now.No sugars added.And now each time I walk by I am thinking about a juicy,fruity smooooothie.But the price is quite fruity too.So it makes resisting a bit easier.


  1. Yay for tooth whitening that doesn't cause sensitivity! Animals are so awesome! My two dogs are in the house with me right now :) Oh bedtime confessions..... I've been there before! And the edible Christmas presents sound awesome!

  2. I agree with number 5 ;)

  3. Thank you ladies for taking the time to comment!


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