Essence stays on and on Mascara review

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The essence stays on and on ultra resist & easy to remove volume mascara had to be tested well,because in the beginning I really liked it.People who are lazy/sleepy at night will love this mascara.(Including me,because my night routine is done with eyes almost shut :D)

The mascara comes in a blue metallic plastic tube with blue swirls and it contains 0.27 fl oz/8ml.You can use it for up to 6 months.
Sadly the wand is pretty small with an oval shaped brush and very short bristles.

What it promises:
"Extra volume that lasts and lasts and lasts!Easy to remove.Ophthalmoligically tested" (Source: Tube)

My 2 cents:
Like I said above,this mascara is so easy to remove.It comes off in the shower almost completely and during the day it almost doesn't smudge.But the wand is a fail for my lashes.When you pull out the wand there will be a huge amount of product at the top and bottom of the brush,which you are going to have to wipe off,because it messes up the inner and outer lashes.Once you wiped off the excess product,the wand still is not ideal.
Here you can see the excess product on the brush

Here the 'naked' brush

Due to the shortness of the bristles the most product will be placed at the base of your lashes.And it is so hard to get the ends of the lashes coated properly.

The mascara works great for a quick everyday look that doesn't require dramatic lashes.But sadly it is not possible for me to apply 2-3  coats,because my lashes will end up looking like spider legs.
I am sure people with short and lightweight lashes will love this product,but for me it is way to complicated.
When I tried it with a base mascara it looked horrible: Base of the lashes was pitch black and the ends were gray because of the white base showing through.
To make things even worse,after 2-4 hours my lashes start slowly to loose the curl and go downwards.
But this mascara survived a work out without smudging,which is extraordinary for a non waterproof mascara.

-Easy to remove
-Stays on and on and on
-Great black
-survives work outs

-Small brush/wand/bristles
-not working for dramatic lashes
-not great for long,heavy lashes
-Uneven application

I will  not buy this mascara again,because it is not working for me.(But it might work for others)
Essence has other great mascaras,so no biggie:D

I still like it somehow,because it comes off in the shower!

Huggies and Chocolate

Disclaimer: This product was send to me my cosnova as a price of a contest.


  1. Ich liebe die Essence Multi Action Mascara (die Pinke)! Hast du sie schon mal ausprobiert? Tierversuchsfrei, billig und einfach toll^^ *Werbung aus*

  2. Die hab ich auch!Die ist klassssseeee!
    Danke fuers Comment <3


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