10 random things,fails and moments (picture heavy)

(click to enlarge)
1.Stupid ocean! Every time my finger was on the trigger of the camera,a huge foamy bubbly wave came.
2.Food fail : A rice omelette

3.Puyol chilling in the sun

4.Manicure fail : How many rhinestones does it take to make nails look tacky and tasteless?

5.Who threw away this chair in the middle of a field???

6.Stinky bug on the windshield (If you kill this bug it emits a nauseating smell).

7.A widely spread phenomenon in Greece: Paw prints/foot prints in the asphalt.Doggy was here

8.Inside a olive tree............

9.This was supposed to be a nature photo shoot,but clumsiness always wins.While walking backwards I stumbled and took the pic by accident.

10: View over Athens,note the snowy mountain top...


  1. Great pictures and random things! I actually like the manicure! I hate it when people throw their junk into fields and open spaces :( And the ocean pic is awesome!


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