Cookie House or the alternative small,edible gift wrap

Hello :D

Looking for a cute edible gift? This little cookie house will be the packaging of this years edible gift.
I can't tell you what the edible gift will be yet,but it sweet...tiny...and round.
You can even put a little jewelery box inside!

It is sooo much fun to build and decorate.I didn't buy a lot of decoration stuff,neither did I get the biscuits I wanted to use.But you get the idea :D

For the Glue you need:
300 gr of icing sugar (Always have extra icing sugar)
2-3 tablespoons water

Mix it into a thick paste.Thick enough to hold the biscuits without slipping and sliding and thin enough to be used in a piping bag.
To have a stable base either use a piece of cardboard on a plate or just a piece of strong non wobbly plastic.
Now for the walls you may take whatever rectangular biscuit.Chocolate covered,ginger bread etc.
For the decoration,use any candy you love.Food coloring,sprinkles,smarties,chocolate,gummi bears etc
Build the house in parts.First the walls,let them dry for 10 min,then the roof.

Kids will enjoy making those :)



  1. So cute! I bet that was a blast to make!

  2. Yup!
    Thanks 4 stopping by


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