5 minute make up

Hi guys.

It really is unpleasant to be in a hurry and having to rush make up.This morning I was in a hurry and my face was not looking  like I can go without foundation.
So I just applied little dots of foundation and blended them with a wet sponge,because a foundation brush would have taken too much time.Then I concealed the eye area and a few blemishes.There is no need for an eyeshadow base,because for a hint of shimmer,there is no need to take a base.
Apply some white shimmer all over the eye,tight-line your eyes(top&bottom waterline),smudge some black shadow on the upper lash line and the outer part of the lower lash line.Quickly throw on some mascara,set the foundation and apply tinted lip balm.

Here is the look:

Huggies & Chocolate


  1. you eye colour is just amazing :)

  2. cute :)

    xo Christine


  3. Very pretty quick makeup look! Your lashes look awesome!


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