90+ free hugs and 10 winter things

Hello Lovies.

Hope you are having a great day,although it may be cold.But that's the perfect time to get those fancy hot beverages,a blanket and maybe a pet and cudddllleeee and snuggggglleeee yourself into the warm sofa.
There are now 90 of you! 90!!!!!! OMG That is so amazing.
I wanna hug each single one of you beautiful people!!!!!

Thank you for following,commenting,mailing and reading!

I wish you a nice winter time with lots of happiness and positivity.
Be fabulous,glamorous and healthy!
Eat those fruits and veggies to prevent nasty colds :D

10 winter things :
1.Wearing fingerless gloves : Living in a rather warm country this all time favorite can only be worn in winter when it is actually cold.Today was the first really chilly day.So yay for purple fingerless gloves.
2.Gloomy days: When the sky turns gray and there is just enough light to wear sunglasses ,it is perfect.Photos come out much nicer in this light.
3.Hot Beverages : Those moments when even 2 pairs of socks won't warm the toes anymore call for tea,chai,punch,Gluehwein (Hot wine stuff from good old Germany)
4.Ultimate paleness : As much as I try not to get too much of a tan,I can't avoid it.So winter is my favorite make up season.I can use pale foundation without having to blend it into my lower neck.
5.Winter Veggies: All year I am waiting for those.Full of rustic flavor <3
6.The smell of Bakeries in winter : OMG Cinnamon heaven!
7.Having several excuses to eat a lot of unhealthy things and maybe put on a little thanksgiving/christmas/new year's weight: I am not a big fan of religious holidays,but I am in a little christmas mood.(Don't tell psssssst) But here in Greece it's all about food,so yay!!!! Cooking<3
8.Seeing people act like headless chicken,because there is a sale.I was in front of an H&M store the day a very fancy shoe designer launched his h&m shoes.I actually thought I was back in the medieval times watching a very weird castle siege.
9.Glitter! Winter definitely is the season with the biggest glitter accumulation.As a glitter junkie I am loving it.
10.Not having to wear sandals,flip flops etc. Those kind of shoes are the biggest enemy of a clumsy person.Boots are way better!


  1. Congrats on 90 followers! Thats so exciting! And thanks for the wishes of happiness and positivity! We all need that reminder every once in a while!

    Lets see... Yay for paleness being in season! Love all the winter bakery scents...Mmmmmm! Love being able to eat unhealthy holiday food! I hate people going crazy over sales and acting rude! Glitter! I'm a glitter junkie too! :)

  2. Wee a fellow Glitter Junkie <3
    Thxxx hun

  3. Congrats :D
    I have 17 followers now *feels loved* It's really nice knowing some people care about what you want to say <3
    I love my fingerless gloves, they only cost £2, but they're a bit too thin for the winter cold! They were perfect for autumn but now I'm gonna have to invest in some thicker ones :P xxx

  4. Thx Skelly <3
    For some serious cold you definitely need thicker gloves.Neoprene gloves are nice for the cold weather.Not too bulky,but warm <3


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