Truffle madness


I made two batches of truffles one with peanut,vanilla,cream and caramel fudge flavor and the other one with peanut,vanilla,white chocolate and  raspberry.

For the vanilla,caramel fudge ones I used (I can tell you approximately only.My kitchen scale ran out of batteries :( )
approx 200 gr unsalted peanuts (finely ground in the blender)
approx 40-70 g of sweetened condensed milk
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
approx 40 gr caramel fudge (finely chopped)
100 gr white chocolate
1 tablespoon margarine

For the coating :
300 gr milk chocolate
Bring the condensed milk and the vanilla extract to a boil and add the white chocolate.Melt it over very low heat.Add the peanuts,salt and fudge.If the mixture is too runny,you need more peanuts,if it is too thick,add more condensed milk.The filling should be thick and not too sticky.To get rid of the stickiness,fold in some margarine.
Place in the fridge and check on the mixture every 10 min.It should be thick and knead-able and not completely loose it's shape when rolled into a ball.

When you reached that point roll maaany little balls and put them in the fridge again for 20 min.
Then you can cover them with chocolate

For the raspberry filling,I switched fudge with 3-4 tablespoons of raspberry jam and I added another 100 gr white chocolate.
I added the raspberry jam to the condensed milk and brought it to a boil and then continued as explained above.

They are lovely !

But I don't want to see any chocolate anymore for today.
I didn't count but I filled two large trays.Around 120-140 truffles.

Chocolate Hugs



  1. These look delicious! I think I'm gonna try this recipe this weekend :)

  2. Thanks Morrigan :)
    Have a great weekend

  3. Mmmmm....these look amazing! I may have to give them a try one of these days!

  4. Thank you,Peach!
    You should have some extra ingredients,to be 100% sure you won't run out of peanuts or condensed sweet milk.


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