No Bake Apple Pie

Hi dolls

This weekend we had workers here,so my usual Sunday-Pastry session had to be limited to 30 minutes.While looking for no bake recipes I came across this amazing recipe,which is sooo yummy:
The apple pie might not look as stunning and beautiful as a normal apple pie,but taste wise it is 20 times better,more adventurous than the average apple pie.

As usual I did not have all the ingredients,so I just skipped the raisins and added 100 gr of icing sugar to the crust and to the apple/pear mix,because I was afraid it wouldn't be sweet enough.
Thank god I added extra sugar !

What is your favorite no bake recipe?



  1. It looks extra yummy! My favorite no bake recipe? Cheesecake I think. Or "mwsaiko". My bf likes apple pie very much so I'll try this one (just being a good girl so he'll buy me Essence goodies lol!)

  2. Haha Nat your bf must feel like a king


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